Rapid Prototyping HMI Engineer - AM101HA

Employment status

Full-time, long-term contract

Work location

Central Ohio, U.S.A.

Qualification requirements

 • Able to design and create graphics, audio, or haptic human interfaces
 • Application building with any one of: C/C++, C#, Java, or Python; preference is C#.NET
 • Experienced with QT
 • General engineering experimental and analytical skills using common tools

 • Programming the Android platform
 • Able to build multi-threaded applications on Windows: NET, WPF, WinForms, animations, gaming platforms, Unity, OF, Mono, OpenGL, DirectX, device driver encapsulation, XML
 • Cross-platform experience a plus, such as Xamarin, OF; familiar with Arduino, NetDuino, haptics, auditory devices, TCP/IP, UDP
 • Psychological research or human factor/ergonomics knowledge
 • Ability to interface devices at hardware, software, and control levels within a vehicle; for example: able to use wire-harnesses and route wiring between control devices to graphical, audio, or haptic devices, design and build simple in-car mounting fixtures, vehicle CAN interface

Other characteristics also important - ALL of the following:
 • Has a passion to create and try new ideas
 • Go-getter attitude, self-sufficient, self-starter; stand on his/her abilities to complete tasks
 • Effective verbal communication skills, both oral and written
 • Able to work cooperatively with others
 • Able and eager to quickly learn in all these ways: by searching, reading, examples, trial and error
 • Able to take higher level requests and ideas to completion independently
 • Demonstrated inventiveness
 • Comfortable working in a multi-cultural environment
 • Willing to travel (probably no more than once every two months for a duration of a few days)
 • Willing to work long hours on occasion

 • Willing to work on new and diverse things as opposed to developing perfection in one area

Preferable additional requirements

Bachelor’s degree in any one of the following disciplines, or in a similar discipline:
 • Human factors engineering, ergonomics engineering, engineering psychology, computer science, information engineering, systems engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering

 • Education in a combination of multiple disciplines
 • Higher degrees


Create new application ideas for ITS (intelligent transportation system) technology and show proof-of-concept to evaluators through rapid prototyping. This includes some of the following:
 • Create new end-to-end HMI for driver assistant systems and conduct both in-lab and in-vehicle testing; HMI with all modalities (visual, audio, haptic) appropriate for the concept
 • Identify opportunities for concepts and participate in brainstorming sessions
 • Perform vehicle retrofits with new technologies, electrical wiring, mechanical installation, and controls
 • Technology scouting for new applications, novel or unique ideas to improve safety
 • Collaborate with device vendors, universities, and internal departments for building new prototype applications
 • Participate in internal or external brainstorming sessions to generate new application ideas
 • Conduct test drives for application tuning and debugging


Negotiable, depending on experience


Automotive HMI, Vehicle HMI, QT, Vehicle GUI, C#, .NET, WPF, OpenGL, DirectX, Direct3D, C/C++, Java, Human Factors, Cross-platform, Android

NSR coordinator: Global Talent Acquisition Specialists Team

TEL: +81-52-218-5882