CS Spare Parts - Procurement - AS422MW

Work location

Komaki, Aichi, Japan

Qualification requirements

 • Ability to recognize challenges, and solve problems (recognize the current situation, take out the challenge, and find solution)
 • Communication skill, negotiation skill (ability to coordinate with various kinds of in/out-company stake holders)
 • Business English (not necessary for all 3 to have proficiency at the level of business English)
 • Experience of procurement, manufacturing industry
 • Experience of airline industry
 • Ability to create documents and reference (Japanese/English)

Scope of responsibilities

Launching the procurement function specialized in Customer Support (CS) to support customer flight service
 • In-company coordination with related person/organization about process of procurement and possession of responsibility
 • Maintenance of standards related to procurement
 • Preparation for CS-ERP go-live to support procurement service

Procurement service related to CS
 • Certifying new Partners, negotiating price, concluding the contract related to CS procurement (including coordination of role assignment and corporation with IPT/existing procurement office)
 • PO, delivery, failure disposition, and etc.


Negotiable, depending on experience

NSR coordinator: Global Talent Acquisition Specialists Team

TEL: +81-52-218-5882