Design Engineer - AM827

Industry: Automotive
Work location: Central Ohio, U.S.A.
Job description: 
• Work with customers, tier-1, and tier-2 suppliers regarding automotive body parts development and design-related activities such as information gathering, design changes, design reviews, and design audits; support the release of parts data and drawings
• Achieve parts design with cost-competitiveness and manufacturing feasibility
• Work with related internal departments in the U.S. and Japan to solve parts design-related concerns
• Train team members regarding parts design
• Other duties as assigned by the office manager
Employment status: Direct Hire
Qualification requirements: 
• Minimum three years automotive body parts design-related experience
• CATIA V5 parts design skill
• Basic knowledge of body-in-white stamped parts
• Knowledge of design change coordination
• Knowledge and skill for technical writing and explanations
• Traveling to or stationing at customers R&D center for certain periods to deal with parts design concerns as needed
• Knowledge to enable communications between Japan and the U.S.
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 Feb 21