Senior Manager of Accounting Department - OT8189

Industry: Automotive
Work location: Central Ohio, U.S.A.
Job description: 
1) Review financial statements for the company and other group subsidiaries
• meet with accounting management and entire accounting department to discuss financial statements and address areas of concern previously noted during reviews
• after approval, enter financial information into the accounting system for both headquarters and the manufacturing plant's accounting functions
• review entries for proper checks and balances, and post in the plant's accounting system
• HQ accounting provides a month-end closing checklist to be followed
• retain data for Japanese Sarbanes-Oxley (J-SOX) compliance
2) Receive part cost change notices (PCCN) from purchasing department on a monthly basis
• review and authorize PCCNs for supplier-purchased child parts
• communicate to purchasing when system information can be updated with new pricing to maintain the integrity of the inventory and cost of goods sold data
• authorize approvals and provide data to purchasing
• retain data for J-SOX compliance
3) Calculate cost of sales for shipped product, forward to accounting management for review, and record entries in general ledger per J-SOX requirements
4) Generate "received but not invoiced" report for accounting to accrue entries for products received without an invoice
5) Receive cost of sales for service parts report from accounting management; review for accuracy and completeness against monthly sales summary; approve and document per J-SOX requirements
6) Review and reconcile in-transit review from accounting with the company group report to ensure all construction-in-process is accounted for; results are then reviewed and verified by an accounting specialist per J-SOX requirements
7) Review and approve system-generated value added report, which segregates monthly financial information into various categories for audit purposes in order to identify and correct errors prior to month-end closing per J-SOX compliance requirements
8) Receive financial reporting and review prior to forwarding to corporate group accounting after approval, per J-SOX requirements

Cash management functions
1) Review quarterly tax documents prepared by independent CPA firm; transfer funds as needed after approval by senior manager
2) Review on-line bank statement daily for activity; updates cash flow spreadsheet accordingly
3) Process information from customer reports indicating charges to be paid by month-end
• forward copy to senior manager on day of bank transaction
• calculate short-term line of credit needs and forward to senior manager for approval
• receive group revenue to be included in the cash flow forecast
• invoice group for parts, equipment, and services
• calculate net amount of all transactions between subsidiary and group companies for wire transfer

Monthly business plan review
1) Prepare monthly financial information by department for vice president to be presented at the monthly meeting of officers
2) Download financial information including statements of operations, statements of financial position, and other requested information in order to prepare a spreadsheet for accounting management in a timely manner, to be entered into the monthly consolidated report and as part of a PowerPoint presentation with more details, to be presented to the officers group at the monthly QCD meeting
3) Export financial information into FRx SysData files by department on a monthly basis; notify managers of ability to login and obtain updated department information for the monthly business plan meeting
4) Reconcile customer sales on a monthly basis to ensure all sales have been invoiced, as part of J-SOX compliance
5) Receive monthly group report from accounting management to review and reconcile against the internal income statement, balance sheet, and other reports used to gather data for the consolidated report

1) Prepare sales-by-state report for Form 5472 and review the independently-prepared corporate tax return Form 1120; retain monthly information to be transmitted annually with the corporate tax return
2) Provide income statement, balance sheet, and taxes roll-forward schedule to CPAs; prepare quarterly tax provisions; review completed information with external audit consulting group and after approval, record entries into general ledger for quarterly taxes
3) Review previous year's transfer pricing study for changes; review information from previous and current year with HQ accounting, sales manager, and senior manager; provide financial data to CPAs for completion of annual transfer pricing study

Other functions
1) Oversee quarterly inventory process; approve all material moves; address all issues arising during the actual inventory count process; communicate significant issues to vice presidents
2) Receive annual audit prepared by CPAs; prepare additional footnotes as needed; submit to U.S. and Japanese banks and customs brokers
3) Prepare customer-required data schedules in collaboration with manufacturing accounting department and other group accounting departments; review all information for accuracy; electronically submit information via SAP BOFC to Japan as required
4) Review and edit listing of disbursements; investigate any questions; return approved list to accounts payable for processing; review and approve each disbursement prior to payment per J-SOX requirements
5) Special projects and other duties as assigned

Employment status: Direct, full-time
Travel required: Domestically and internationally
Qualification requirements: 
• Bachelor's degree in accounting or finance
• 8+ years managerial experience
• CPA preferred
• Experience in all functions of accounting, including managing a department; manufacturing experience desired
• Experience working for a Japanese company
• Professionalism with ability to work effectively within a cross-functional, multi-cultural team
• Integrity, and understanding of the importance of confidentiality regarding company and affiliate information
• Ability to pay attention to detail in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment
• Ability to communicate with all levels within the organization as well as outside vendors
• Problem-solver with ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously
• Ability to enter, access, and understand information on a computer; knowledge and demonstrated experience with the Microsoft Office Suite, ERP, and the ability to learn new or proprietary computer systems
• Must be analytical, methodical, and precise in preparing and analyzing complex, high-dollar spreadsheets
• Ability to understand and follow plant safety rules, pay attention to detail, work safely and efficiently with and around machinery and equipment, with PPE when required
• Must have decision-making ability that positively reflects the company's mission and values aligned with the company's fiscal responsibilities
• Valid driver license and proof of insurance
Salary: $100,000 annually; company vehicle
Date posted: 2019 May 23