Aircraft Delivery Team Member - AS8182

Industry: Aerospace
Work location: Nagoya, Japan; travel as required
Job description: 
• Coordinate and engage all stakeholders (contract team, engineers, QA, mechanics, etc.) required for aircraft delivery
• Responsibilities include ensuring that all required technical documentation is approved; ensuring no quality issues remain undetected prior to customer inspection; ensuring all spare parts and permits are available and that configurations and buyer-furnished equipment installations meet customer expectations; full coordination with the flight operations group is essential

This team is also responsible to establish the processes and organization necessary to create and deliver these services. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: establishing deliverable commitments, establishing work priorities, creating and managing development processes, forming the team and team structure, implementing governance and communication processes.

• Develop the following processes and capabilities related to aircraft delivery responsibilities
• Ensure all required technical documentation is complete and approved, including:
 a) technical and flight manuals, SW, CDs
 b) list of controlled SN parts
 c) configuration documents
 d) quality documents
• Ensure no quality issues remain undetected, and no pending jobs are open, prior to customer inspections:
 a) NOEs
 b) ADs
 c) incorporating mandatory service bulletins
• Coordinate technical delivery inspection process with customers, correcting any problem identified by contact with engineering, MRB, and QA for quick disposition and problem-solving
• Support coordination with flight operations to ensure proper crew and pilot training and briefing are executed, route planning, and all authorizations required for a smooth shuttle flight
• Ensure all commercial aspects are closed, such as contracts, payments, pending technical and commercial agreements
• Negotiate and conclude with customers any required agreement letter, including commercial concessions (due to issues during delivery)
• Ensure all spare parts are ready
• Ensure any required kits (radio, special permits) are available
• Ensure BFE equipment are installed and ready
• Ensure aircraft configuration, including options, are in accordance with customer requests and contracts
Employment status: Direct
Normal work hours: Full-time
Qualification requirements: 
• Engineering degree from an accredited university
• Must have worked in commercial aerospace for an original equipment manufacturer, with 5+ years in managerial positions
• Project manager experience is highly desired
• Must have skills and experience managing suppliers
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 May 20