Senior Compliance Engineer - AS8180

Industry: Aerospace
Work location: Komaki, Aichi, Japan
Job description: 
Compliance engineer supporting design assurance efforts by establishing design compliance; responsible for providing independent reviews and assessments of design compliance documents; support development of compliance policies to ensure airworthiness and compliance
• Includes supporting or leading the establishment of company-accepted means of compliance and interpretation of regulatory promulgations, while considering the balance of both company and regulatory requirements; ensure a compliant airplane first and foremost while establishing policies and standards to support business needs
• Compliance engineer supporting development of integrated cross-functional compliance philosophies; provide clear guidance to engineering with regard to what is necessary and sufficient for compliance without interfering with design activities in order to maintain the correct level of independence, and therefore to permit independent audit verification
• Compliance engineer developing strong working relationships with other teams, JCAB lead specialists, and the FCAA to support compliance agreements

This requisition covers multiple ATAs and disciplines; engineers will be assigned within their area of expertise and experience.

• Develop and negotiate compliant, consistent, and executable certification standards and guidelines, requirements, and the associated means of compliance
• Address and resolve complex compliance concerns and difficulties of certification
• Establish and enforce consistent applicant standards of design compliance
• Build strong relationships and a strong level of confidence with JCAB and FCAA teams
• Support development of training standards for company engineering compliance personnel
• Drive clarity and consistency in the company's compliance positions
• Provide engineering input to FCAA rule-making processes on behalf of the company
• Coordinate activities and priorities between the engineering and certification process teams
• Support the engineering team’s development of compliance plans
• Support development and implementation of continued operational safety processes
• Seek appointment, if required, as an official delegate within the Japanese regulatory system
Employment status: Direct
Normal work hours: Full-time
Qualification requirements: 
• 10+ years engineering experience in assigned functions, including development programs
• Experience in the certification domain at this level of responsibilities
• Expertise in global certification requirements and compliance standards, e.g., Part 21 and Part 25, and associated ACs, AMCs, etc.
• Significant experience interfacing with regulators to support certification agreements
• Significant experience resolving cross-functional engineering compliance issues
• Firm understanding of authority and industry roles in rule-making and compliance
• Ability to provide a strong voice in support of certification and compliance needs when working with senior engineering and program leadership
• Ready and excited to work dynamically in a complex and diverse environment
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 May 20