Japanese-English Bilingual Production Control Planner - AM8163

Industry: Automotive
Work location: Columbus Area, Ohio U.S.A.
Job description: 
• Support the general manager of production planning with annual, quarterly, and monthly reporting, including management and analyses of sales, manufacturing, inventory, direct expenses, and KPI-related data collection
• Support and lead organization-wide meetings
• Assist general manager with business continuity planning activities
• Lead quarterly organization-wide budgeting activities and assigned improvement activities (including systematization of manual processes through internal collaboration, prototype database and systems development, testing, and roll-outs), as well as other similar duties and responsibilities within the production planning department

Monthly reporting
Internal (indirect expense); working within organizational relationships to coordinate, compile, research, and publish external reports such as customer calendars, 6MF vehicle forecasts, plant calendars, 3MF production plans, direct expenses (air freight, trucking, scrap management, outside services), CSC and inventory status including aging, delivery quality and on-time delivery performance, pipeline transit lead-time for Asia-Mexico, error rate reporting
Meeting documentation
Prepare documents for meetings; assist with reporting of monthly departmental meetings, officer's meetings, kaizen activities, etc.
Arrange, lead, and support meetings
Communicate within organizational relationships to facilitate departmental and individually assigned activities as directed
Risk management
Support department general manager with business continuity planning activities, including organization-wide collaboration, data collection and compilation, document creation and reporting; support actual crisis and recovery management efforts
Quarterly budgeting
Coordinate within organizational relationships to successfully complete mid-term planning, production budgets, business plans, prototype budgets, service part budgets, direct expenses, obsolescence and logistics budgets; assist department manager completing departmental indirect budgets
Continuous improvement activities
Support department manager with organization-wide continuous improvement activities, including:
(1) business unit organization communication improvement
(2) systematization of quarterly and monthly reporting within the company
(3) internal mid-term plans, production budgets, and monthly reporting databases
(4) production control planning system standards and improvements, prototype and service design level confirmation (DLCS) standards and systematization; transition of PC PPS to standard PPS; new model launch systematization
(5) deliveries: demand management standards and systematization; short of parts caution list improvement
(6) logistics tracking, tracing standards, systematization, accuracy improvement; Mexico lead-time monitoring and reporting
(7) additional projects as directed
Document management
Maintain and update shared folders containing PP, PC, deliveries, and BCP documents; create and maintain policies, procedures, work instructions

Employment status: Direct Hire
Language requirements: Japanese and English
Qualification requirements: 
• Bachelor’s degree
• Microsoft Office Suite Excel and Access skill
• Project management, project team leadership; reporting and presentation experience
• 2+ years professional experience in a related field preferred
• Ability to travel domestically and internationally, once or twice per year
• English fluency
• Business Japanese proficiency to read, type, and speak preferred
• Background in planning and database development, preferably within an automotive
manufacturing, production control, production planning, or business planning environment
Salary: Negotiable
Date posted: 2019 Apr 10