Spanish Bilingual Customer Relations Specialist - AM8162

Industry: Automotive
Work location: El Paso, TX U.S.A.
Job description: 
• Plan, direct and coordinate the storage and distribution of automotive products for OEM, PIA automotive accounts to ensure exact deliveries, planning, and excellent customer service
• Ensure exact delivery and excellent customer service through fast and accurate processing of orders, communications, and coordination with other departments to resolve inquires
• First point of customer contact for general inquiries such as inventory, scheduling, shipping, calendar schedules, shortages, promised dates, etc.
• Build and maintain good business relationships with clients by providing prompt and accurate service so as to promote customer loyalty and satisfaction
• Respond to and provide solutions for customers' complaints through the creation of 8D, STR or customer-specific corrective action reports
• Responsible for the data integrity of reports submitted and data entered within customer-specific programs
• Continuously train and develop the company team with the knowledge and understanding of all customer procedural requirements in order to achieve 100% on-time delivery performance and customer satisfaction
• Review, process, and distribute customer orders, inventory reports by FIFO, QA requests, customer labels, SPCLs, DLCs, rework instructions, and shipment schedules
• Initiate and direct meetings to support supply chain orders to plan future customer orders and/or eliminate current shortages and past due orders as well as eliminate obsolescence
• Program management activities related to internal and external costs, production problems, delivery and performance ratings; MMOG activities and corrective action requests
Employment status: Direct Hire
Qualification requirements: 
• Bachelor’s degree required; business management, supply chain management, or similar field preferred
• 3-5 years minimum experience in production and/or material planning and warehouse operations, sequential manufacturing, scheduling, international business and import experience
• FCA e-supplier portal experience preferred
• Strong mathematical skills
• Proficient skill using MS Office ( Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word)
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills; bilingual English/Spanish
• Knowledge of sequential manufacturing, scheduling, international business, import experience preferred
• Knowledge of the effective manufacture and distribution of finished goods, primarily for the automotive industry
Salary: Negotiable
Date posted: 2019 Mar 25