Engineering Manager of Hardware - AM8157

Industry: Automotive
Work location: Detroit area, Michigan
Job description: 
Candidate will lead a multi-disciplined team to develop, execute, and launch automotive electronics control units (ECUs). The hardware design engineering manager will serve as the focal point for the customer, and will coordinate all facets of the company to deliver program objectives to the customer's schedule.
This automotive electronics hardware design engineering manager must possess strong experience in circuit design skills, with design and development experience of automotive ECUs in order to require minimal dependency on other company associates.
• Responsible for all customer program deliverables; responsible to successfully launch ECUs, maintain and track program timing milestones, and report to general management
• Manage, lead, and instruct electronics hardware design engineer performance to grasp customer requirements, conceptualize circuit designs, perform worst-case design calculations, select components, create design review documents; to guide and instruct associates with performing design calculations
• Manage, lead, and instruct electronics hardware design engineers who design validity testing, product evaluation testing, and components testing
• Manage, lead, and instruct electronics hardware design engineers who perform negotiations with customers regarding design concepts and customer requirements; lead in establishing regular communication channels with design engineers of customers
• Instruct electronics hardware design engineers to perform design reviews with customers and have the ability to prepare and present these documents to customers, even with short notice
• Instruct electronics hardware design engineers to perform electronics design and calculations, electronic components selection, PCB design, and all evaluation tests
• Manage and trace development schedules
• Provide excellent communication with related members and work sections
• Timely reporting of urgent or significant issues to supervisor
Employment status: Direct Hire
Qualification requirements: 
• BS Degree (Electrical, Electronics, or Computer Engineering)
• More than 8-10 years of experience in automotive electronics hardware design and development; ability to guide and instruct associates in design aspects, presentation of design concepts, and conduct design reviews with customers
• Preferred: minimum of three customer vehicle launch experiences
• Preferred: more than three years of experience instructing automotive ECU hardware deigns to team members
• Required 2-4 years of middle management experience, supervisory ability
Salary: Negotiable
Date posted: 2019 Mar 12