New Model Engineer - AM8147

Industry: Automotive
Work location: Eastern Indiana, U.S.A.
• Provide technical support and contribute to product design to produce quality products at minimum cost
• Maintain engineering specification control documents
• Assist with new model parts and product development activities
• Participate in tooling development and part maturation
• Assembly process design and layout for new models
• Ensure process accuracy and follow-up any noncompliance
• Allocate resources to address quality and design-related issues
• Assembly process leveling after efficiency improvements and capacity changes
• Assist in the evaluation of proposals for design change and cost reduction
• Support company for specifications, design, and tooling-related queries
• Create proposals for improvement projects
• Evaluate parts data and performance for acceptance into production
• Review and approve quality standards, ensuring that critical control points are addressed
• Responsible for creating and auditing bills of material
• Support development of 5S, TPM and Kaizen programs
• Ensure safe operations
• Ensure daily control items align with the company business plan and key objectives and metrics
• Requires knowledge of new model activities, including quality and engineering procedures
Employment status: Direct Hire
Qualification requirements: 
• Good understanding of engineering processes within a JIT assembly manufacturing environment
• Good written and verbal communication skills for intracompany, intercompany, and client interactions
• Previous experience in quality engineering, and leading and completing projects
Salary: Negotiable
Date posted: 2019 Mar 07