Weld Engineer - AM8146

Industry: Automotive
Work location: Eastern Indiana U.S.A.
• Control and monitor all robotic teaching, with responsibility for all weld conditions and parameters
• Understand all welding machine pre-shift inspection items and be able to implement countermeasures if necessary
• Organize, prepare, and maintain all documentation of weld conditions
• Audit repair logs for accuracy
• Support production in all welding activities to support daily requirements
• Conduct robotic training with production associates
• Problem solving and countermeasure development
• Monitor and measure accuracy of processes and equipment
• Train and instruct welding robot cell operations
• Provide instruction on how to evaluate repair/scrap welding defects and repair, if necessary
• Comprehend all welding machine safety standards, identify unsafe areas, and implement Kaizen activities
• Report issues to top management and implement temporary countermeasures
• Identify root causes (why-why analysis) for all welding issues
• Analyze production equipment and tooling, and implement Kaizen concepts
• Know all welding machine structures (drawings)
• Understand all welding machines (robots, fixtures, manual, tools) characteristics and importance, with ability to operate all machines
• Recognize adjustment methods (teaching, current, air, water, tips, parts replacement, etc) for all welding machines
• Understand quality standards and evaluate possibility of producing products to exact specifications
• Participate in committee meetings, relay meeting and training content, and train associates regarding the obtained information
• Understand handling of newly-installed equipment (operation procedures) and be able to properly instruct others
• Have contact with related departments and be able to communicate effectively regarding countermeasures, plans, implementation, effects; verify if problems have been solved
• Understand fixtures and inspection tooling measuring methods, and be able to evaluate measurement results
• Identify pre-shift inspection items for newly-installed equipment (new models) and create pre-shift inspection charts
• Evaluate and analyze problems, and be able to implement temporary countermeasures
• Ensure safe operations
• Will ensure daily control items align with the company business plan, and with key objectives and metrics
Employment status: Direct Hire
Normal work hours: Second shift
Qualification requirements: 
• Minimum five (5) years experience in an industrial manufacturing operation environment
• Strong mechanical aptitude, with previous welding experience
• Additional schooling at technical, trade or factory schools required
• Ability to complete robotic programming welding parameters from start to finish, and able to support new models specifications with welding equipment
Salary: Negotiable
Date posted: 2019 Mar 07