QC Assistant Manager - AM8144

Industry: Automotive
Work location: Eastern Indiana U.S.A.
Job description: 
• Direct quality control operations
• Develop and control quality programs
• Monitor production areas for conformance with QC standards and procedures
• Conduct quality control training for employees engaged in material handling or product assembly
• Suggest methods of improving product quality, design, and manufacturing processes
• Develop methods of inspection, testing, sampling, and training
• Support development of 5S, TPM and Kaizen programs
• Ensure safe operations
• Have the ability to establish and execute a monthly plan
• Will ensure daily control items align with the company business plan, and with key objectives and metrics
• Administer performance reviews
• Will attend management review and ISO meetings
• Oversee the development and maintenance of the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) system
• Ability to control work hours and conditions of labor within the section
• Ability to arrange labor within the section
Employment status: Direct Hire
Qualification requirements: 
• Good understanding of all aspects of quality control within a manufacturing operation and an ISO 9000 environment
• Good written, verbal, organizational, and interpersonal skills
• Previous quality management experience is preferred
Salary: Negotiable
Date posted: 2019 Mar 07