Avionics Certification Engineer - AS807

Industry: Aerospace
Work location: Nagoya, Japan; deployment for extended periods to U.S.A.
Job description: 
• Certification representative for avionics system
• Write and review avionics certification plans
• Review and validate design certification reports to ensure avionics complies with all JCAB, FAA, and EASA regulations
• Review and validate compliance documents including but not limited to test procedures and reports, analyses and evaluation reports, substantiation documents
• Closure of IPs and CRIs
• Interact with regulatory authorities (JCAB, FAA, EASA) for avionics certification
• Provide expertise toward determination of avionics systems flight safety
• Provide expert assistance to design team members to support their activities
• Ensure compliance of certification documents with applicable regulations
• Work under limited supervision; should only require reviews for accuracy and consistency with meeting overall objectives
• Interface with cross-cultural teams located at multiple sites

Employment status: Direct
Qualification requirements: 
Minimum 15 years of broad avionics engineering experience, including 15 years of experience specific to avionics certification
Must be familiar with:
• Experience in certification tests pertinent to Part 25 aircraft with FAA, EASA, and CAAs (TC, ANAC, JCAB, etc.)
• Experience with avionics system design and integration
• Ability to work and succeed in a multi-cultural environment within a global company
• Ability to communicate decisively across multiple levels of responsibility
• Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
• Attention to detail, self-driven and impeccable follow through
• Strong personal and professional ethics
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 Feb 20