Commercial Jet Program Manager - AS453

Work location: Nagoya, Japan
Job description: 
The selected candidate will have overall responsibility for the Company presence in Nagoya covering the engineering coordination, work scope negotiations, and business relationship with Aircraft Company, C&A’s Flight Test (FT) and Aircraft Production operations, and Engines Assembly and Test (A&T) operations.
Main duties are:
• Act as a cultural bridge to decode the cultural nuances and enhance communication for companies that are 13-14 hours apart.
• Coordinate meetings between Japan and the US in all forms (Executive, on-site, off-site, etc.).
• Daily communication of critical issues that need attention to prevent added delays and costs.
• Support in determining Aircraft Company requirements for Part 25 certification and interpretation of JCAB requirements and how it applies to OEM and its supplier.
• Facilitate communication between OEM, its suppliers, and Aircraft Company on impacts from requested changes to propulsion system configuration. Work closely with EH to manage action item database and provide on-site control of the ECM Process for distributing ECM’s to the customer. Obtain Master Schedule and working-level schedule information from Aircraft Company, and distribute to stakeholders at OEM, as required.
• Control of AeroStructures (Nacelle) information flow – Monitor and manage technical and schedule information exchanges between Aircraft Company and the on-site rep.
• Ensure that OEM meets all of the negotiated Aircraft Company technical & contractual requirements.
• Work with US-based flight test organization to support all requirements to conduct the Compliance FT program and support the Flight Test Manager, Quality Engineer, and associated team. Collaborate with the Flight Test Manager and flight test organization to complete the required planning and coordination with the Aircraft Company Compliance FT program team.
• Provide programmatic oversight for on-site coordination of Assembly and Test working with OEM Product Delivery Center (PDC). Support direction of on-site A&T test engineers during initial compliance and production builds. Clarify requirements and provide guidance to the team.
• Support OEM PDC team to stand up necessary functions to ensure timely engine deliveries at the aircraft production facility. From EIS, provide programmatic oversight for timely resolution of outstanding propulsion system/engines issues prior to aircraft delivery to airline customers.
• Provide support for Definitive Agreement, Ledger Negotiations, and contract amendments. Negotiate and execute service agreements and service PO with local vendors, in accordance with OEM and OEM policies and standard work. Maintains a working relationship with local vendors.
• Provide on-site support for Sales and Marketing discussions to enhance information flow.
• Facilitate communication between OEM, airframer, and airlines/operators during the EIS phase and stand up of aftermarket and field services.
• Provide coordination for IT infrastructure projects to assure seamless operation for OEM Engineering Support, Assembly and Test and flight test operations.
• Provide coordination for material logistics flow, flight test warehouse management, tool, and test equipment management, and import/export for throughout Flight Test, Assembly and Test, and Product Delivery activities.
• The selected candidate will serve as the primary POC for OEM in Nagoya and western Japan region, as such provides advice to the on-site staff of in-country policies and procedures to ensure compliance. Acts as a direct supervisor of OEM on-site staff – including Office Manager, ITC Specialist, Logistics Specialist, and/or other support functions.
Employment status: Direct Hire
Qualification requirements: 
•BS in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering (or equivalent)
•MBA is preferred.
•Minimum of 7 years of experience required with demonstrated strong leadership skills.
•Experience with international suppliers and/or customers preferred.
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 Feb 21