Ground Support Equipment Technical Engineer - AS447

Work location: Nagoya, Japan; extensive domestic and international travel
Job description: 
Technical Engineer for ground support equipment (GSE); manage projects relating to development of GSE and coordinate divisions related to design and inspection. Seeking an experienced technical engineer capable of sales administration processes with customers, suppliers, and internal divisions. Work with others to deliver efficient and responsive GSE services throughout the warranty period and thereafter. Responsibility for developing GSE in accordance with aviation authority rules and regulations, customer and supplier contracts, and internal rules.

• Manage scheduling and topics for development of GSE
• Specify necessary maintenance work for developing GSE and manage technical requests
• Design concepts for GSE, manage content of specifications within drawings
• Coordinate domestic vendors related to GSE manufacturing
• Manage requests for GSE product quality assurance
• Ancillary work classifying export controls relating to technical information
• Manage design changes and assess related impacts
• Plan and perform GSE mounting capability testing using actual aircraft, and coordinate related divisions and tasks
• Support customers with periodic reporting and action-item management
• Administrative support of GSE team
• Manage assets and budget plans for the division
• Total management related to outsourcing projects
• Prepare documents related to development of GSE and technical instructions
• Coordinate between the development and manufacturing divisions
• Disseminate GSE information to related divisions; includes interfacing with engineering, flight testing, supply chain management, quality assurance, and customer support teams, as well as customers
Qualification requirements: 
• Knowledge of GSE for aircraft and related maintenance documents and manuals
• Business-level language skills in both English and Japanese
• Strong personal relationship and communication skills
• Experience with general affairs of company organization and management
• Understanding multiple cultures and communicating with various languages
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 Jan 08