Performance Team Leader - AS442

Work location: The primary work location will be in Nagoya, Japan. However, the job may involve international travel. Deployment for extended periods to U.S.A. to support ground and flight tests may be necessary.
Job description: 
1. The position will work as team leader of the performance team in the flight dynamics group
2. Basic scope of work is to manage the performance team to develop and finalize regional jet designs while minimizing performance degradation, compliance with all applicable requirements, focusing primarily on FAR/CS Subpart B and 25.1309
This activity includes planning, managing and controlling of:
• Aircraft performance-related activities
• Engine performance-related activities
• Performance software development activities
• Manuals (AFM, FCOM, MEL and CDL) and CAFM preparation activities
• Certification documents and coordination with authorities (JCAB, EASA and FAA)
• Flight testing and system-related support activities
3. All tasks required to perform the above activities are considered within the scope of work: reviewing related documents, technical calculations, interface discussions with team members, and all other stakeholders including systems, structures, manufacturing, customer support, and partners
4. On-going education and mentoring of company members about professional knowledge of aircraft and engine performance is required
5. Provide expertise to assist in resolving performance-related issues identified during analysis and/or testing, including flight testing
6. Additional support of aircraft performance guarantee-related tasks and/or activities related to other derivative aircraft may be added to the work scope, as required
Qualification requirements: 
Performance Team Leader of Performance Team in Flight Dynamics Group; Aircraft Integration Department and Engineering Division
The primary role of this position is to lead certification activities of aircraft, within the domain of Aircraft and Engine Performance. The specific work will include team management and technical work, such as: testing, analyses, documentation verification, internal coordination of regulatory aspects of engineering, software, tools; and flight testing. This will include interfacing with all other aircraft functions, engineering teams, and AeroTEC members* to coordinate and obtain approval of any task assigned that contributes to an aircraft's design and certification.
*AeroTEC is a subcontractor for flight testing and reporting activities.
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 Jan 08