Engineer of Requirement Management Activity - AS415

Work location: Komaki, Aichi, Japan
Job description: 
Engineer of Requirement Management Activity in Aircraft Arrangement Team. The main scope is to work on activities to develop and maintain the aircraft level requirements (ALR) in accordance with ARP4754 rev.A. This will include interfacing with all other engineering teams and review the all requirements related to ALR to obtain the matured requirement database and the verification plan database. If requested, the suggestions for improvement and the discussion with department concerned in the company and authority (JCAB, FAA, EASA) regarding the requirement management process will be included in this scope of work.
• Minimum 5 years broad engineering experience in other aircraft technical disciplines.
• Well capable in English communications.
• Engineer will work as a team member of Aircraft Arrangement Team in Aircraft Specification Group.
• Basic work scope is to develop and maintain the matured ALR, mainly requirements related to aircraft functions (ALR Chapter 02), which is needed to comply with ARP4754 rev.A.
• Support of other chapter of ALR (requirements regarding to aircraft performance, flight characteristics, kind of operation etc.) is also included in the work scope. ALR is in a database and managed by the requirement management tool IBM DOORS®.
• This activity includes;
• Capture the aircraft level requirement which is need to aircraft development, such as a design specification, regulation, guideline and customer requirement (if these are lacked in current ALR).
• Prepare and gather the validation evidence of aircraft level requirement (if these are lacked in current ALR).
• Review the completeness of lower requirements which are allocated from ALR.
• Gather the information of verification plan which is needed to aircraft level.
• Check and confirm the status of verification activities (test, analysis, etc.) defined in ALR.
• Support of V&V activity of other team and group member, including the discussion with the development assurance group, safety group and process assurance group is also in work scope.
• All tasks required to perform above activities are considered within work scope; preparing / reviewing deliverable documents regarding the requirement management activity, technical discussion with the team members and all related engineering teams including aircraft performance, stability & control, flight deck (pilot interface), systems and customer support.
• Other scopes (if requested) include the helping of improvement of requirement management process through the suggestions and discussion with department concerned in the company and authority (JCAB, FAA, EASA).
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 Jan 08