Aircraft Network Security Systems and IMS Specialist - AS414

Work location: Komaki, Aichi, Japan
Job description: 
• Proficiency with aircraft networking security plans for security aspects of certification; identify definitions and scheduling of major milestones
• Coverage analysis of RTCA DO-326A, RTCA DO-356, RTCA DO-355, ARINC-811 and ARINC-664
• Generate aircraft security scope definition (perimeter, security environment)
• Elaborate equipment interface analysis
• Elaborate aircraft security risk assessment
• Prepare verification plan and statements of work for system verification
• Generate system security verification, test results, and analyses
• Familiar with Rockwell Collins' Pro Line Fusion® platform
• Provide engineering oversight and/or dispositions of aircraft networking security for production builds
• Contribute to planning, coordinating and executing important engineering activities with team members, other groups within company, and suppliers
• Prepare and review necessary documents such as system level requirements, equipment specifications, source control drawings, electrical interface control documents, wiring diagrams, certification plans, ground and flight test procedures, etc.
• Select appropriate methods, techniques, and evaluation criteria to resolve complex engineering issues
• Provide specialized technical assistance to team members
• Anticipate and resolve complex issues in creative and effective ways, developing standards and guides for diverse engineering activities
• Able to balance technical activities with cost and schedules
• Work under limited supervision; should only be reviewed for accuracy and consistency meeting overall objectives
• Determine certification basis, including results of change impact analysis, if any
• Determine acceptable means of compliance
• Determine A/C security perimeter and A/C information assets
• Identify information interfaces and existing security measures
• Define roles and organizations that interact with A/C
• Identify and classify threat sources
• Identify preliminary external agreements (e.g., operator requirements, maintenance requirements)
• Evaluate security risks from intentional unauthorized electronic interaction
• Inform design groups of need for security measures or security guidance
• Identify all threat conditions associated with A/C assets
• Assess A/C security architecture and requirements
• Allocate security measures to systems or provide operator guidance
• Prepare verification plans for system security and security effectiveness requirements

Qualification requirements: 
• 10+ years experience with commercial or business aircraft
• 5+ years experience specific to aircraft network security

Familiar with:
• FAA and EASA certification requirements pertinent to aircraft network security
• Environmental and EMI qualification requirements and considerations
• Engineering standards for design and development of aircraft level wiring diagrams
• Aircraft troubleshooting practices during functional tests
• Ability to work with a global team with a variety of cultures and key project stakeholder
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Attention to detail and impeccable follow through
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 Jan 08