Weight Engineer - AS407

Work location: Komaki, Aichi, Japan
Job description: 
Designated specialist for weight team in aircraft specification group, to lead the following activities:
• Management of aircraft weight and C.G.
• Aircraft weight reduction activities and design of weight growth study
• Certification related to weight and C.G.
• Support of sales, marketing, customer support, flight tests, ground tests, manufacturing tooling and processes related to weight and C.G.
• Interfacing with other departments, suppliers (systems and structures), regulatory authorities (JCAB, EASA, FAA) and customer airlines relating to the above activities

For weight reduction and new aircraft development:
• Verify status and forecast of aircraft weight and C.G.
• Assimilate weight data of systems and structural components from design team and suppliers
• Verify status weight of systems and structural component vs. targeted weight
• Weight reduction activities
• Design weight growth study
• Determine or revise design weights and C.G. envelope
• Preparation of weight report and mass data for analysis, tests, manufacturing tooling and processes
• Prepare weight and balance manual
• Measurement of aircraft, major assemblies, components
• Improvement of weight data collection and verification processes
• Preparing and reviewing related documents, technical discussions with team members and related groups such as aircraft performance, systems, structures, marketing, and customer support
• Preparation of presentation materials to attend meetings and discussions with authorities (JCAB, EASA, FAA)

Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 Jan 08