Japanese-English Bilingual Business Planning Administrator - AM114

Industry: Automotive
Work location: Eastern Indiana, U.S.A.
Cost Accounting
• Analyze production costs and diagnose finance issues for improving profitability
• Manage application of cost accounting principles to conduct studies which provide detailed cost information for each section for process and efficiency improvement
• Develop policies and procedures related to the position, create new methods to reduce and measure costs, install and maintain the cost accounting system
• Improve and maintain a system to calculate the real-time, in-house costs of finished goods, parts, and per-line basis, and review progress to ensure improvement
• Calculate labor rates for each section and work cell, and various overhead rates to identify potential bottlenecks causing inefficiency
• Create product profitability reports for new models including break-even point analysis to ensure profitability of each new model
• Create product profitability reports for current models including break-even point analysis to identify areas for improvement in current operations
• Support cost accounting unification projects for the entire organization

Budget/Variance Analysis
• Assist in creating annual, semi-annual, and quarterly budgets
• Furnishing monthly budgeted vs. actual variance analysis with cost accounting information presented to company president to further management decisions and North American headquarters

Business Planning
• Develop, recommend, implement, and confirm measures to improve business methods, equipment performance, and quality of products
• Inform management of performance key index outcomes and other performance index charts; input data into charts and other related documents
• Work with sections as the main office of business planning to augment daily activities scheduled in action plan projects and other business planning-initiated projects
• Create business planning-related presentations presented quarterly to North American company president and top management in Japan
• Prepare periodic reports submitted to Japanese headquarters
• Document translation and interpretation
Employment status: Direct Hire
Language requirements: Japanese
Qualification requirements: 
• Fluent in Japanese
• Good understanding of all cost accounting practices and procedures within a manufacturing company
• Good organizational skills with pro-active detail-orientated attitude
• Excellent Excel and PowerPoint skills
Salary: Negotiable
Date posted: 2019 Feb 22