Sales Engineer - AM111

Work location: Central Ohio, U.S.A.
Job description: 
1. Serve as the primary project manager on new tier one Customer Development projects for vehicle antennas and feeder cable applications, representing the company to the customer. Serve as the “face” of the company to the customer.
2. Prepare and manage sales quotations for prototype, event & mass production parts, engineering change orders and cost down requests.
3. Multi faced role including support and/or follow up on issues pertaining production/shipping/packaging support, pricing reconciliation and risk management.
4. Participate in other long term development projects, sometimes without a clearly defined model target. (The goal is to both introduce new technology and how it can apply to the customer's needs in the long term future and to uncover the customer's interest in new technology and work with their engineers to develop products that utilize such technology.)
5. Serve as a liaison, communicating information back to company project leader and engineers in Japan as needed and working with them and customer on both new model and mass production issues.
6. Find ways to ensure the accurate flow of communication and comprehension between local and parent company individuals.
7. Lead regular internal design review meetings with representatives from QA, Production and Engineering departments to review all current project activities including management of deadlines and customer specific requirements.
8. Report to the company Management.

Employment status: Direct hire
Qualification requirements: 
1. Have the ability to work proactively, anticipating challenges and working to avoid or overcome them before they become problems.
2. Ability to prioritize assignments, work independently while keeping the team informed of progress and issues
3. Ability to give presentations & speak in front of groups
4. Good written and spoken communication skills and basic Excel, Word and Power-point skill.
5. Willingness to work flexible hours to accommodate early morning/late evening international phone conferences.
6. Ability to work comfortably and effectively with both Americans and Japanese in a bilingual work environment
7. Has a strong work ethic that will lead to Project management skills
8. Good business sense and negotiating skills.
Salary: Negotiable, depending on experience
Date posted: 2019 Jan 08